Monday Monday

We had such a great time at the Fair Hill TB Show over the weekend- D’Sauvage and Lynne have really been working hard on their flat work and it showed- they won every hack class, and they were large classes! After the MD State Fair, I thought that he was a brilliant jumper but might not ever win the hacks. In the Saturday AM warmup, though, I could see a big difference in his movement, so was excited when he kept getting the call. He was a bit green over fences- maybe a step back from where they were, but that is a green horse. He has been so good that it is not hard to forget he only started jumping about two months ago. They did end up champions in both of the divisions he entered- and we were thrilled. Lynne will blog about that this week.

Monday was back to normal for MAHR- New Holland Day. We had gotten a call from our “guy” who had picked up a gelding for us, so Tom and I headed up to the sale. When we got there, we did a run through the barn looking for thoroughbreds. There were not many horses there at all. One of the first horses we saw was a thin bay TB gelding with a bit of rain rot. His legs looked clean, and he wasn’t too old- a 2003 model. He was tied up with a “halter” braided out of baling twine- but that didn’t hide the class in his stance. He was so very affectionate, like he was trying to show us how intelligent he was, and that he knew we appreciated him for who he was. I know, it sounds silly as I write this, but truly, that is what he was telling me…… We got a partial tattoo, wrote down his hip number, and then noticed an older man watching us. He told us that his 13 yo grandson had owned the horse and had ridden him all over. We didn’t want to get into a conversation– because of the horse’s poor condition, I might have said something I shouldn’t, so we just sort of nodded and walked away.

We spied another 2004 gelding in a stock, and got a partial tattoo on him. He was in great shape. As we walked through the rest of the barn, we saw an older mare, shiny with western saddle, but that was it for TBs or so we thought. In short order, the 2004 was saddled and run through the ring. He went very well- we bid him up to $600, and saw he was going to go to a private buyer, so stopped. A girl in the stands got him for $625-. As I turned around, they were leading a big dark bay TB into the ring- I was surprised bc I hadn’t seen this one. They announced he had a spot in his eye and he came from the same place as the last one. The bidding was very quick back and forth, and the hammer dropped at $575—– to a kill buyer! That was quite high for a kill TB and surprising to us. We did not ID him- this is the only kill buyer who will not sell TBs to us (old, long, and strange story). That made me sick to my stomach but I made a call to someone who could get him out, and the good news is that he was to be bought today and safe.

Our skinny guy came through shortly after, as a lead in and with a signed paper, which means he has the Export Document for kill. They announced he had been owned by a 13 yo boy who “rode him all over but didn’t feed him.” We bid against the kill buyers and he was ours. Afterwards we were able to positively ID him as Black Hawk Soaring, a turf horse who had won over $100K racing around the midatlantic region. Who knows how he ended up where he did, but now he was safe. We put a new halter on him and went to find our shipper and the vet for a coggins.

The older mare in the western saddle came from a lesson program in the DC area. They said she was a little too old for their program- and she sold to a dealer. Finally, a tall almost black good looking TB came through the ring. I didn’t see this one come in– probably when we were out in the parking lot picking up the horse we had originally come for. Bidding on the black horse flew up to $1150- and he sold to the same gal who bought the first one for $625-, so we felt pretty good about them.

The sale was done by 1:30, we loaded up our two and sent them back to the farm. We are looking forward to starting these horses, and getting them on the road to a wonderful future……

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