A Visit Back to MAHR

We have been thrilled with the progress D’Sauvage has made as a show horse with Lynne. He pinned at his first show, the Totally TB Show at Pimlico, but more importantly, learned that horse shows were great places to chill. From there, he went to three more shows and got multiple championships at each. Under the tutelage of noted HJ trainer and USEF “R” judge Troy Hendricks, Lynne worked on his rhythm and stride and jump.  D’Sauvage happily picked up on his new career, with nice hacks cross country interspersed between those schooling sessions. We are still trying to put more weight on him, so he looks more like a show horse, and have recently added Dengie Hi Fi to his diet which he loves.

This past weekend, Lynne brought D’Sauvage down to MAHR for our Open House. He has changed since he left us two months ago.  He walked into the new barn like a recent college grad, with a new found sense of self and satisfaction. He enjoys his work, knows he is good at it, and really relishes being in the limelight.

DSauvagevert1 DSauvagevert2

Lynne and Banker schooled in the ring, and we could see the show horse he has become. His canter is stronger and  more rhythmical, his jumping is more seasoned and with great form, and all in all, he is a happy camper. After the session we wanted to take pictures, and he stood posed with his ears pricked for as long as cameras kept clicking.

DSuavageOpenHouseAt last weekend’s horse show, I noticed he was sometimes a half a stride late behind with his lead changes, so I had Martha Grace, our amazing massage therapist, down for a session after his schooling. She noted he was tight behind, especially through his stifles, but let go easily. She said that he might be going through a growth spurt, as she sees that often. While she was working on him, Lynne was at his head with a full cup of Turkey Hill Iced Tea. Banker got a whiff of that and insisted on having it himself! He loved it, and shared the rest of the cup with Lynne, while we all watched and laughed.

We all have learned so much and had a great time along the way. We would be thrilled to win, because we could use the money to rescue more TBs, but no matter what, we are grateful to RRP for this opportunity. We can’t wait for the challenge. Lynne will continue to school him and blog in preparation for the final presentation. We do have a surprise planned for the Sunday session at Pimlico, but you will have to be there to see what it is!

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