A Long Way in a Short Time

My, how time flies. It seems like it was just yesterday that Banker came to Justine and Marc Howell’s Whysper Wynd Farm to continue his college-level training, but 2 months have passed just like that. I am so amazed at what Team D’Sauvage has accomplished in that short time: clipping, braiding, trailering, lead-line, cavalettis, cross rails, real jumps, gymnastic exercises, lessons, hacking out, a flat tire, horse shows, the MAHR open house, a kid riding.  Did we really ask him to do all that? Yup, we did, and he answered with a resounding “what’s next?” to all of it!

One day I had plenty to do, so I asked Justine’s 13 year-old daughter, Lizzie, to ride Banker. A smile came across her face as she said, ‘sure’, and off they went.  Lizzie rode him like a pro and even jumped him over a cross rail several times. (That’s her sister, Josie, in the pink and green cap.) Did he care that he was being ridden by a rider just out of ponies? Nope. Its all in a day’s work for him.

Tomorrow we will pack up and head to the America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred contest where we will show off what we’ve accomplished. I’m hoping that we can find his next home while we are there.  He is such a lovely horse and is so ready to go on to bigger things, be it with a junior rider, an amateur, or a professional.

Oh, and don’t forget to vote for him!


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