America’s Most Wanted TB Recap….

It has been a whirlwind summer, and so much of our focus was on the Retired Racehorse Project America’s Most Wanted TB Challenge…………and now it is done. We are still smiling about last weekend- for those of you who could not be at Pimlico, no, we did not win the top prize–we were 4th— but we accomplished everything we set out to do.

We started with a horse just off the track- D’Sauvage- donated by top flight Maryland connections. We chronicled his progress and his setbacks. He went from a kind but green TB to a professional show horse who loved his new job. He learned to “flat”, he learned to jump, he learned about cameras and ribbons, warm up arenas and leadline and sidesaddle. Our team also learned a lot along the way. So many folks joined us in our adventure, including Lynne, Troy, Jennifer, George, Justine, Jeannie, Tina, Martha, and Valerie.

If we were to write D’Sauvage’s story, the final chapter in our part was to find him a home with a kid or an adult amateur, one where he was adored, and could continue on the path he started on and excelled in. At Pimlico, that hope became a reality. Thanks to some networking by our friends Fran and Jennifer on the TB Alliance Show Series committee, we were contacted by a mom with a 13 year old daughter ready to move off her pony. They weren’t sure about a thoroughbred, let alone a young one, but after reading our blogs, coming to Pimlico, and seeing all of the fantastic TBs, they wanted to meet D’Sauvage in person. They spent time with him, watched him go, fell in love, and took him home from the Challenge–so you see, he DID win the top prize.

Isla, mom Rita, and trainer Shelly are going to give D’Sauvage an easy week and then will start writing a new chapter. We all expect it will go smoothly, because that is who D’Sauvage is, but if not, MAHR will always be there for him.

We met so many great people at Pimlico and had a fantastic time. We are grateful to the Retired Racehorse Project for including us in this wonderful event, and to the sponsors, judges, employees, and volunteers who made it all possible. Everyone was there because of the incredible thoroughbred. We were definitely “feeling the love.” It has been quite a ride, and we are all looking forward to whatever the future might hold–but for now, it is back to work, there are so many thoroughbreds waiting for their chance to shine…….


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