Catching Up, Once Again…..

Where does the time go? There are just not enough hours in the day to keep  up with the horses, rescue, family, and so on. I did try a few times to add a new blog entry but my computer wasn’t behaving and I didn’t have time to school it, so I just went on to other things…..

Here we are now, however-the third week of June and summer is in full swing. Things at the farm have been busy between horses in- from the auction, kill pens, and track- and horses out- to great new homes as eventers, all arounders, and even therapeutic riding buddies! In the midst of all of this, we have been planning for the 2016 RRP Makeover in KY in October. In 2015, we started in April, and Lynne took D’Sauvage to the Makeover at Pimlico in the fall. She did a great job, finishing 4th behind two team riders and one professional. Last year we entered three horses, but all three got adopted before October, so we pulled three more out of the field at the end of the summer and took them. Talk about throwing them in the deep end- but they managed, we survived, and all three got super homes in the end.

This year we planned to choose two Makeover horses and keep them aside until after October.  The first, Close to Sonny, was purchased at New Holland in January. IMG_0625

He is a lovely big gelding, one of the best movers we have seen in awhile. He has been coming along very well, but does get very stressed in the barn. We thought long and hard- not sure a trip to KY would be in his best interest. At the same time, a talented young event rider met him and fell for him. We decided there was no harm in seeing if the two would be a good match. Hana rode him on Sunday and loved him– he was vetted yesterday and went home with Hana today. So much for our plans, but we are THRILLED for this great new team.

Our second horse came to us straight from Charles Town. He appeared on my FB news feed one morning- because he looked so much like my own guy, Not Up for Love (Drifter).


I clicked on his picture, only to find he was Drifter’s  younger full brother, We Found Love! Because Drifter can be challenging at times, especially on the ground, I called the trainer, not wanting this guy to end up in a bad place. She told me that We Found Love was not bad at all, but she had him and one other older gelding that desperately needed homes- so we arranged to pick them both up a few days later. Both were very nice horses- we found the second horse a fabulous home, and decided to use We Found Love as our second 2016 RRP Makeover horse. Now known as Ditto, this guy is as sweet as can be, and loves his new life here.

We will work on finding a replacement for Sonny, and keep you informed with Ditto’s progress- and we promise to be better at blogging from now on-October will be here before we know it!

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