Ditto’s Journey Begins

We Found Love (Ditto) is our only Makeover horse at this point- we will choose one more but who that is remains to be seen. When Ditto came in, he quickly revealed a sweet steady temperament- he is the good son whereas his brother, my guy Drifter (Not Up For Love), alternates between brilliant and challenging. Nothing bothered Ditto from the day he came in. His feet were not the best. He had recently been shod at the track and had no foot– and he promptly lost his race plates out in the field. Because there was nothing to nail to, we just let him go barefoot and watched him struggle through that. We rode him gently a few times- he proved to be very willing but also very tight and short. As his feet grew out, we were able to get shoes on him and start some easy flat work.


Because our show on June 4th had some great classes for first timers, we decided we would enter him. I knew I would be too busy that day to worry about competing, so Patty, our VP and volunteer extraordinaire, and Jacqui, our tireless farm manager, agreed to get him cleaned up and to the show. The Wednesday before, Patty rode him for the first (and only) time, and we introduced ground rails and x’s. He proved to be a quick study and willingly got to the other side of the x’s–we were set!

Our dear friend Lynne and her RRP/MAHR horse Chicanery came the night before and Lynne shipped both horses to Monkton bright and early. Working in the secretary stand, I didn’t know they had arrived, which is a good thing- no whinnying,  excitement, or drama. Both horses took things in stride and were stars, getting decent ribbons in the big baby classes. The crossrail hunters had flower boxes and lots of turns, but Ditto happily trotted around like it was nothing. We were all thrilled at such a good first outing! Our super photographer, Val of Rough Coat Photo, captured the day….

Until next time……………………..

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